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About US

About US

We are a comprehensive Firm, offering personalized and timely attention to our customers. We provide legal advice, representation in litigation and arbitration. We provide our services with passionate commitment so that the operations and transactions of our customers are successful, always looking to minimize risks. We strive to guarantee our clients that they will be held harmless in the disputes or conflicts with their counterparts.

Pinilla & Pinilla Lawyers has been led by its founder Jorge Pinilla Cogollo for 33 years. He is a lawyer and economist graduated from the Universidad Javeriana. A boutique law firm with more than 35 years of experience. Specialized in providing legal advice and litigation in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law, the firm has clients in a broad range of industries. Founded and leaded by Dr. Jorge Pinilla Cogollo, the firm offers a comprehensive, personalized and timely attention, making sure a trustworthy attorney-client relationship is built. Pinilla & Pinilla Abogados has had excellent litigation results in the past, and guarantees the commitment of managing clients’ affairs with extreme care, professionalism and diligence in order to minimize risks and obtain favorable results.