Pinilla & Pinilla Lawyers



  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Claims against government agencies
  • Representation and exhaustion of administrative remedies before the administrative authorities.
  • Extraordinary Appeals against the Supreme Court of Justice.
  • Appeals in civil, commercial, disciplinary, labor, administrative
    and criminal law.
  • Exequatur of foreign judgments.
Judicial Litigation And Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Matters
  • Ordinary Proceedings: Contractual and Tort litigation,
    Real Estate Litigation, Property law procedures, Breach of
    contract, etc.
  • Abbreviated Law Suits: Accountability processes, Easements, Challenge Corporate Records, Restitution of property, etc.
  • Verbal Law Suits: Nullity of marriage and divorce, minors or
    disabled people procedures, copyright disputes, cancellation
    and replacement of securities,revocation procedures, consumer protection procedures, property disputes, condominium disputes, etc.
  • Voluntary Jurisdiction: legal licenses to transfer property of
    minors, prohibitions, suggestion for donations.


  • Real Estate Law: Promises and Sales agreements, real estate
    exchanges, securities studies, corrective actions against eviction, defenses against formation of contracts.
  • Legal resources in order to protect fundamental rights
  • Divorce and Separation of Property
  • Marital Settlement Companies
  • Wills, Inheritance, and Financial Planning
  • Contracts and Civil Obligations


  • Corporations: constitution, reform, transformation, mergers, acquisitions, divisions, etc.
  • Contracts, Events and Corporate Obligations
  • Bankruptcy Procedures
  • Industrial Property: Trademarks and patents.
  • Copyright – Intellectual Property
  • Judicial and Voluntary Liquidations of Companies
  • Nullity of Companies
  • Contracts of Participation Accounts


  • Inquiries and complaints against judicial rulings and insurance companies
  • Insurance counseling


  • Actions of unfair competition with the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, and before civil judges with precautionary measures
  • Consumer protection, among others
  • Restrictive practices of competition


  • Protective actions
  • Class actions
  • Enforcement actions
  • Demands of unconstitutionality of laws


  • Representation of public officials with the Attorney General’s Office, the State Council and the Office of Internal Disciplinary Control of Public Entities
  • Advice on issues of special agencies and disciplinary complaints with the Attorney General’s Office when an official ignores their duties by transgressing the rights of our clients


  • Formulation & Implementation of privacy policies for technology corporations based in the USA and Colombia including Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, and Data Protection
  • Systematization and organization of databases of Colombian companies that stored sensitive personal data from customers and users in order to comply with data protection law
  • Developed, implemented, maintained, and monitored the privacy compliance activities of companies based in the USA and Colombia
  • Advisor in commercial law, labor law, business law, data protection law, IP, stages of financing, sustainable growth, among other topics in order to empower businesses and Startups